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"It has served, unlike any other bomber, through all of the Second World War. It had become a legend in its time. A tribute to the men who had conceived, designed, and built it-and a monument to the remarkable young men, most of them boys who flew it. These men, and this plane, accomplished one of the most frightening missions ever demanded of men and aircraft. Together they helped end history's last "Glorious War".


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Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Air Force Association Miami Chapter The 317th Leadership Maintains Their Flying Proficiency

Miami Chapter 317th Vice President Rodrigo "Rod" Huete checks his surrounding at a flight level of about 2,500 feet over the general area in and around Homestead General Airport known as field identifier X-51, as his backseater Miami Chapter 317th Secretary Catherine "Cat" Smallwood captures the moment and hands off the control to the Vice President
The glider in which the Miami Air Force Association AFA-317 Leadership utilized for their proficiency checks which was owned and operated by Miami Gliders located at Homestead General Airport (X-51)
Accompanying the Miami AFA-317th Chapter Vice President Rodrigo "Rod" Huete is University of Miami AFROTC Det 155 Commanding Officer Lt. Col. Theo Theodore who got in a few landings and stick time

The Miami Air Force Association Chapter 317th leadership are strapped in and secure to be towed aloft

Homestead, Florida General Airport 21st November 2009: As soon as the new leadership at the Miami Air Force Association 317th Chapter was installed, the Chapter Vice President Rodrigo "Rod" Huete and Chapter Secretary, Catherine Smallwood accompany by University of Miami AFROTC Det. 155 Commander, Lt. Col. Theo Theodore, Jr. headed to Homestead General Airport, field identifier, X-51 to go aloft on the silent wings of a schwizer glider.
Chapter Vice President, Rodrigo an accomplished former USAF Lt. Colonel (Ret.) F-16 & F-15 Fighter / Test Pilot and FAA Designated Engineering Representative had to accomplished his glider proficiency check out and had very little trouble in inviting Chapter Secretary Catherine Smallwood who is an FAA Goldseal Flight Instructor and an airline ERJ-170 Regional Jet pilot to come along for some back seat stick time. Also invited was Col. Theo Theodore the University of Miami AFROTC Det. 155 Commander who also got to the ride the back seat, as "Rod" swapped out his backseaters to accommodate everyone.
The AFA-317th look forward to establishing a relationship for Corporate Sponsorship with Miami Gliders for the benefit of introduction flights for the Cadets at U of M AFROTC Det. 155. (Click on any picture within this article to enlarge)

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