The Boeing B-17F "Flying Fortress" AFA-317th Chapter Aircraft

"It has served, unlike any other bomber, through all of the Second World War. It had become a legend in its time. A tribute to the men who had conceived, designed, and built it-and a monument to the remarkable young men, most of them boys who flew it. These men, and this plane, accomplished one of the most frightening missions ever demanded of men and aircraft. Together they helped end history's last "Glorious War".


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Friday, March 11, 2016

World War II Veteran, 2nd Lieutenant Stuart Newman U.S. Army Air Corp. B-17G Bombardier Navigator Autographs a B-17G Model For The Chapter Youngest Member

After his captivating presentation 2nd Lieutenant Newman was approached by Chapter member Cadet Senior Airman Cruz to say thank you for his presentation, service and to respectfully ask Lt. Newman to sign his B-17G model from his collection of american airpower aircraft

Happily 2nd Lieutenant Newman signed the young Cadet B-17G model

Shown are two happy Airmen! The proud linage continues from one generation to another

Shown is 2nd Lieutenant Newman signature on the wing of the B-17G model which shall be treasured by the young Cadet

Miami, Florida 10th March 2016: There is much to be send about three important traits within our nation military and society at large and they are traditions, admiration and respect and those three qualities were surprisingly evident within one of the Chapter youngest member, Cadet Senior Airman, A, Cruz from the Civil Air Patrol (CAP) Tamiami Squadron, the 355 Blacksheeps.
Knowing of the scheduled guest speaker, Cadet Cruz brought in his model B-17G so as to be autographed by 2nd Lieutenant Newman himself. Lt. Newman was taken by this gesture and request and gladly signed the young Cadet B-17G model. 
It was clearly evident by Lt. Newman facial expression that he was happy to see the next generation of  young American continue in the proud and established lineage of the then the U.S. Army Air Corp, and now the United Stated Air Force. In asking the young Cadet as to what he though of Lt. Newman he replied "I am the luckiest Cadet in my entire CAP Squadron to have had the pleasure of meeting and shaking the hand of such a great American as Lt.Newman".

World War II Veteran, 2nd Lieutenant Stuart Newman U.S. Army Air Corp. B-17G Bombardier Navigator Shows Off His U.S. Army Air Corp. Issued Stopwatch

Shown is a B-17, U.S. Army Air Corp., original issued Bombardier / Navigator stopwatch in its tin, spring shock suspended travel case

The Chapter youngest active member, Civil Air Patrol Cadet Senior Airman Cruz checks out this historical piece of B-17 aircrew flight gear

In the same manner in which it was held over seventy (70) plus years ago, 2nd Lieutenant Newman hold his stopwatch and demonstrates as how it was used and amazingly enough the time piece still function perfectly as if it was 1944

A nice close up of the stopwatch dial face which clearly show a 24 hour time system

A direct look down showing the four suspension springs in which the stopwatch rest on which help the time piece sustain the heavy vibrations of the B-17G Bomber and the rough flights in combat

Miami, Florida 10th March 2016: As we all enjoyed the insight that 2nd Lieutenant Stuart Newman brought to the March AFA-317th luncheon with his detailed and vivid accounts of his Boeing B-17G Fly Fortress combat experience, we were also treated to yet another delightful and amazing piece of functional U.S. Army Air Corp. history.
Lt. Newman brought in his original U.S. Army Air Corp. issued Navigator pocket stopwatch. Despite it being small this was a critical part of the crews equipment and especially for Lt. Newman as the Navigator / Bombardier, as this time piece once synchronized back at the crew briefing before take off would in fact tie in all the other aircraft within the bombing formation with a sequenced time pacing. Much to everyone surprise was the fact that its still worked as indented after all these years. 
Lt. Newman with a pure sense of ease and confident as he did so many time before at actual operational briefings set his watch, clicked it bezel top mount button and showed all of us as how he and the time piece would track the time to a target or track time when plotting a course. Truly the man and his pocket watch were the predecessors to today's modern day Global Positioning System (GPS). 

Air Force Association Miami-Homestead AFA Chapter 317th Enjoyed World War II Veteran, 2nd Lieutenant Stuart Newman U.S. Army Air Corp. B-17G Bombardier Navigator Presentation

Shown are two USAF Navigators from left to right Major General Michael T. Plehn, USAF, Southern Command Chief of Staff and B-17G Bombardier / Navigator 2nd Lieutenant Stuart Newman

Major General Pheln pays tribute and thanks 2nd Lieutenant Stuart Newman for his service and presented Lt. Newman with a Southern Command challenge coin, which was passed within the handshake

2nd Lieutenant Newman delivered an amazing recollection and shared details of his B-17G combat experience with his crew. He kept everyone in attendance both amazed and laughing with his brilliant sense of humor

The March 10th AFA-317th luncheon was a full house with all 30 plus seats filled. As we all came out to hear 2nd Lieutenant Newman speak and to thank him for his service 

In appreciation, AFA-317th Chapter President Lt. Col. Rodrigo "Rod" Huete USAF (Ret.) presented 2nd Lieutenant Newman with the Chapter crystal, laser etched block with a B-17F image inside of it as well as the Chapter B-17 challenge coin 

Miami, Florida 10th March 2016: This month the Miami-Homestead AIR FORCE ASSOCIATION Chapter, the 317th was honored by having U.S. Army Air Corp., 2nd Lieutenant Stuart Newman a World War II Boeing B-17G, Flying Fortress Bombardier / Navigator as their guest speak at their monthly luncheon.
Lt. Newman captivated a full audience of 25 plus who were in attendance with his vivid and detailed accounts of his B-17G combat experience within the 8th Air Force, 381st Bomb Group, 533 Bomb Squadron. He did this with a pure sense of charm and laughs that only a young 93 years U.S. Combat Veteran could deliver.
It was a sheer honor for the Chapter to have such an amazing piece of our nation history present before all of us and to have enjoyed the time spent. Also in attendance was yet another USAF Navigator, but this one a bit more younger than Lt. Newman, as the 317th had the double honor of having the presence of Major General Michael T. Plehn, USAF, Southern Command Chief of Staff.
We all at the AFA-317 wish to thank both Lt. Newman and Major General Plehn for their time and to have made the March 2016 a most memorable occasion. 
During his speech, Lt. Newman proudly mentioned that he is now the newest and yet the oldest member of the AFA-317th. With a hardy AFA-317th spirit, we say Welcome! to the Chapter.