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Saturday, June 30, 2012

Air Force Association Miami-Homestead Chapter, The 317th Reports On Former USAF K-135E's New Life Within The Chilean Air Force (FACH)

FACH tanker serial number 981, C/n 17572, former USAF 57-1501 flying with an F-16C from the "Peace Puma" Program in which the U.S. provided the 1st six F-16C Block 50 aircraft to Chile. Shown flying with 981 is F-16C # 853 from the "Peace Puma" Program from 2006
The FACH last and final KC-135E tanker to have been delivered is aircraft serial number, C/n 17759, which was formerly USAF 58-0014
U.S. Ambassador to Chile Paul Simons, Chilean Minister of National Defense, Francisco Vidal and Commander if Chief of the Chilean Air Force, General Ricardo Ortega, cutting the ribbon commissioning the first KC-135E, serial # 981 into the Chilean Air Force

Miami, Florida 30th June 2012: In researching the disposition of former USAF KC-135 Tankers, Air Force Association Miami-Homestead Chapter, 317th member and former Chapter President Benny Benitez learned that Boeing has delivered the last of the three Boeing KC-135E's "Strato-Tankers" to the Fuerza Aerea de Chile (Chilean Air Force).
According to Mr. Mike Wright, Boeing KC-135E Program Director, on 28th March Boeing announced the completion of the program, with the last KC-135E, number 983 being handed over on 9th March 2012 to the Chilean Air Force according.
We bet that there are many of our AFA colleagues out there that may wonder if these three KC-135E which were sent to the Chilean Air Force may have been ships that they have either flew or crewed during their times in the Air Force. Therefore, we wish to provide the following information on the three KC-135E which were transferred to Chile, check your log books.

Serial Number           C/n                  Former USAF Serial Number

981                              17572              57-1501
982                              17730              57-2594
983                              17759              58-0014

Finally research showed that elements of 151th Air Refueling Wing from the Utah Air National Guard not only ferried the three KC-135E to Chile, but also provided initial ground operational and ground maintenance training to their counterparts in Chile.  Chile reason for obtaining the KC-135E is so as to support their fleet of F-16's and F-5's, as well as to support peace time and humanitarian missions. A testament to American industry and Boeing quality manufacturing a stout and robust aircraft which has served our Nation well and will continue to serve our Allies in years to come.

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