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Saturday, March 6, 2010

Air Force Association Miami Chapter, The 317th Teams Up With University of Miami AFROTC Det 155 To Assist In Haitian Earthquake Relief Effort

Shown with the leadership of the AFA-317th (center) is Mr. Felipe E. Madrigal, the Founding President of the Rotary Club of Doral. Mr. Madrigal was truly thankful to the AFA-317, especially to Lt.Col Huete USAF (Ret.) for his effort in coordinating with the Cadets and their leadership for the contribution of their time and effort
Celebrating a successful mission and showing their sign of support, the AFROTC Det 155 Cadets again unfurled and proudly hoisted the Air Force Association banner under the earthquake relief banner to show their support and being proud of assisting toward a worth effort in giving of their time and talent
Shown with the AFROTC Det 155 Cadets (center) is Benny Benitez, the President of the Air Force Association Miami Chapter, the 317th with his Wing-Man / Vice President Lt. Col Rodrigo "Rod" Huete USAF (Ret.) to his right. Rod was the mission planner for this event, as he heard about the need that the Rotary Club of Doral needed and got the Det 155 leadership and made it happen. Good Job Rod!
The Founding President of the Rotary Club of Doral, Mr. Felipe E. Madrigal in the blue cap personally thanks the AFROTC Det 155 Cadets for an outstanding job and explained the role to which the Rotary Club of Doral has and continues to play concerning their concentrated effort toward the Haitian relief effort.
The result of a proper and well organized effort by the AFROTC Det 155 Cadets, as this one pallet was nearly completed and awaiting but a few last boxes before it was to be wrapped in clear shrink plastic so as to awaiting shipping to Haiti
A group of AFROTC Det 155 Cadets assembled themselves into four person crews and manned three sorting table work stations as shown above within the 10,000 square foot warehouse. The task at hand was to organize the many pounds of donated clothing for packing and shipping
Recognizing an environment of organization, the AFROTC Det 155 Cadets automatically dove into the job at hand by organizing, identifying and sorting the many different type, sizes and amount of donated clothing items for the Haitian relief effort
AFROTC Det 155 Cadets listen as the Rotary Club of Doral site coordinator briefs the Cadets on the mission plan consisting of the sorting and packing of the large amounts of donated clothing, shoes and canned food items to be sent to the Rotary Club in Haiti for proper distribution to the localsCadets from the University of Miami United States Air Force R.O.T.C Detachment, the 155th gather for a group shot while proudly displaying the Air Force Association banner of the Miami 317th Chapter

Doral, Florida 6th March 2010: The word "Relevant" is fast becoming the buzz around the Chapter, with its members and within South Florida, as the 317th reaches out to the needs of the community. Under the direction and mission planning efforts of the Chapter Vice President Lt.Col. Rodrigo "Rod" Huete USAF (Ret.) and in a joint effort with the leadership at the University of Miami Air Force ROTC Detachment "Det-155" under Lt.Col Theo Theodor Detachment Commander, the 317th and Det-155 showed their support toward the Haitian Relief Effort. Fourteen (14) Cadets from AFROTC Det-155 gave up five (5) hours of their free time on Saturday March 6 to assist in the sorting, packing and labeling of a vast amount of items being sent to Haiti by the Rotary Club of Doral.
The material handled by the Cadets consisted of all sorts and sizes of donated clothing. Shoes had to be paired up and secured to each other for packing with all material sorted in manner that would make any military logistic and supply Officer proud. The organization among the Cadet was nothing less than professional and to the highest standards of USAF Officer Corp. Mr. Felipe E. Madrigal, the Founding President of the Rotary Club of Doral was impressed by the effort and dedication shown by the 317th and the Cadets. We at the 317th are proud of our Cadets who are the future of our Air Force Officer Corp and our Nations Air Power!

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